January 2013


AccuBraille (S. San Francisco, Calif.) is introducing EcoBraille, a fully compliant ADA sign made of 100% post-consumer waste. With testing complete, the company will take orders for EcoBraille beginning in March. The signs are made of ABS plastics derived from items such as computer towers, monitors, scanners, and printers. The signs feature a unique organic look that does not require painting, but AccuBraille can also finish the signs using Matthews Low-VOC paints.

Alexander Isley Working with Girl Scouts Design

Alexander Isley (Redding, Conn.) is working with the Girl Scouts of the USA on the conceptualization and design of its new bullying awareness campaign, Be a Friend First. The firm created a set of communication tools that provide instruction to regional Girl Scouts councils on ways to build awareness, generate funding, and implement the program on a local level. A central part of the visual system is the “BFF” symbol, created using a blue ribbon, a symbol of anti-bullying awareness.

Carbone Smolan Agency

Carbona Smolan Agency (New York) completed an all-staff pro bono project for Greenmarket Co., a new initiative from nonprofit GrowNYC, the not-for-profit that operates New York City’s Greenmarket farmers markets. The goal for Greenmarket is to extend the markets’ reach by bringing fresh produce to everyone through wholesale delivery.

Carbone Smolan created a 360-degree identity system that includes four logos (one for each season), a brand pattern for the Greenmarket truck, and an in-store signage system.

Gnu Group Expands Centers at Pleasant Hill Parks

GNU Group (Lafayette, Calif.) designed a signage and orientation system to connect a new teen center, senior center, and the main community center at the expanded Pleasant Hill Parks & Recreation District. While it began as a simple set of signs for the teen center, it quickly expanded into a standards program that can address the ongoing needs for all of the Recreation District’s facilities and parks.

Lee. H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership

Mockup of Children's Museum of Bulgaria

Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership (New York) is working with the Sofia-based America for Bulgaria Foundation, which charged the firm with the creation of the first children's museum in Bulgaria. Located in the Studentskigrad area of Sofia, a former university laboratory building will be transformed into a modern learning space for children and families of Bulgaria.

P-06 Atelier

P-06 Atelier (Lisbon) recently completed museum projects in Portugal, including Aseptic White, exhibition work for the Pharmacy Museum in Oporto; Refracted Light, an exhibition for the Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon; and environmental graphics, wayfinding, and permanent exhibitions for the Natural History and Science Museum in Lisbon.


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