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Brennan Scott

Brennan Scott is a student at Iowa State University pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Graphic Design. Brennan obtained a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Bachelors of Graphic Design, Architecture, Graphic Design from Drury University.

Brennan Scott is a freelance designer at Bearded Bee Designs. He has experience in logo design, poster/flyer design, marketing materials, and various other areas of graphic design. He looks forward to creating something for you that will not only work for you but that you will love.

Brennan Scott, Iowa State University
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Social Engagement through Environmental Graphic Design: Design for Struggling Small Communities

Struggling downtowns and retail districts of small cities and towns have been completely overlooked by graphic designers, since these independent businesses often cannot afford, or aren’t aware of, the services of designers. In the graphic design department at Iowa State University, we see this problem as an excellent opportunity to engage our students in community-based design. For over 15 years, our senior graphic design students have been introduced to Environmental Graphic Design while working on the re-design of a downtown district--engaging with communities to reinvigorate their retail districts in efforts to enhance the quality of life for local residents.

Wonsil Jang

Wonsil Jang is a graduate student pursuing MFA degree in graphic design at Iowa State University. After 10years of job experiences, she wanted to learn more knowledge based on fundamental methodologies in graphic design to make strong professional ability. Her interest area is interaction design, UI, and UX in IOT system. From South Korea, Wonsil has worked as a project manager and a design manager. Though she has a lot of experiences,  Wonsil wanted to know more knowledgeable structure on design.

Wonsil Jang, Iowa State University
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Hablamos Juntos Universal Health Care Symbols

"We Speak Together"

A groundbreaking research effort produces universal symbols for health-care settings—and underscores the value of evidence-based design.

Patients, family members, and other visitors entering the doors of a hospital or other health-care facility face a daunting environment. Between them and their final destination, they will encounter a series of obstacles: multiple elevator banks, long and often identical-looking corridors, complex routes to distant departments or buildings, and often, ineffective wayfinding signage.


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