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Xlab 2015 -- Where User Experience and Digital Technology Collide

Xlab 2015 at SVA Theatre

Imagine a world where the physical and digital realms are one and the same—where users expect the seamless experiences they enjoy online to continue in stores and museums, on city streets and public transit, and in their schools and workplaces. We’re quickly headed there, and experience designers are leading the way. The best and brightest minds in design and digital technology will be at Xlab 2015 Nov. 5 in New York. Do you want to meet them?

Jordan Sowecke

Jordan Sowecke is a student at the University of Cincinnati pursuing a bachelor's degree in Graphic Communication Design, Interactive Design. Her experiences include user interface design for Kareo, a medical billing software company; branding and environmental graphic design for Madison Design; and licensing product design for Bakery Crafts. Jordan is also a freelance designer and web developer.

Jordon Sowecke is a member of  SEGD and AIGA, is HIPPA certified, and is an Ohio Governer's Youth Art award winner.

And it's pronounced JOR-den SOH-wek-EE.

Jordon Sowecke, University of Cincinnati

Julianne Seely

Julianne Seely recently received her BFA in Design from Western Washington University. She is now a graphic designer in the greater Seattle area. While at WWU, she was awarded the Nancy and Ralph W. Babcock Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Design Production and Outstanding Graduate of the Design Department.

Julianne Seely, Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA

The Hacker/Maker Culture at Sensing Places

Sensing Places, Santa Monica, Calif.

Flavia Sparacino is an MIT Media Lab PhD, a prolific inventor, and founder and CEO of Sensing Places LLC, a creative technology agency based in Santa Monica. We had the chance to visit Sparacino and her staff recently to learn about what they’re doing in the digital user experience space and experience the energy of the team's hacking/making/start-up culture. Join Sparacino at Xlab 2015 and you can experience it too!

The Total Package: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Package Design that Benefits Consumer Experience and Brand Perception

Communicating a brand message extends beyond the information and visual content applied to a package. The package’s physical structure, materials, finishes, and interactions can also strongly influence the consumer’s experience and subsequent perception of the product and brand. This paper presents case studies of integrated package design by students in Graphic and Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. It reflects on the methods employed, lessons learned, and impact on future interdisciplinary collaborations in Package Design within education and practice.

Courtney Mahon

Courtney Mahon is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Visual Communication. She grew up learning, studying, and actively pursuing photography, but it wasn't until college that she was exposed to the awesomeness of graphic design. To her, design is about being intentional, creating conversation, and telling a story. She believes design is always relevant, always changing, and always awesome.

Courtney Mahon worked as as a designer and editor at Randy Coleman Photography. She currently works at Laurel & Wolf as a designer.

Courtney Mahon, University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Jones, OK

Mind. Blown. 6 Surprising Ways You’ll be Inspired at Xlab 2015

Xlab 2015 at SVA Theatre

You know Xlab 2015 is about design + technology. You know you’ll hear about the latest digital tools and platforms being used to connect people and place. You know you’ll keep yourself on the leading (not following!) edge of your profession by taking part in the conversation. But you may not know these 6 surprising ways that you'll be inspired at Xlab 2015!


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