Interactive Design

Ritesh Lala

Ritesh Lala is a Creative Technologist trained in the systemics of new media theory and its applications in the fusion of art, science and engineering. For the past 10 years, he has created interactive experiences for public, health and corporate spaces with form factors that span from tiny 2"x2" cubes to multi-projector multi-room scale. His installations allow users to extend their physical selves into digital spaces and augment them with a sense of magic and wonder made possible by stunning visuals and invisible sensors.

Ritesh Lala
New York, NY

Alfred Ton

My name is Alfred Ton. Pleasure to meet you! I am a recent graduate from the California State University, Long Beach design program. I am a designer with the goal of making things fun and interesting for all. I hope to provide quality solutions to any field that I work in. My primary focus is on the Toy and entertainment industry. My goal is to give people the feeling of wonder and satisfaction that can only be achieved through simply having fun.

Alfred Ton
California State University Long Beach
Long Beach, CA

MacKenzie McCallum

Hello! My name is MacKenzie McCallum, and I recently graduated from North Carolina State University’s College of Design with a graphic design degree. My experiences with the College of Design have allowed me to learn about exhibition design, user experience, branding, wayfinding, and more.

MacKenzie McCallum
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

Kelsey Strydio

I am a theme park nerd, pop culture aficionado, and aspiring art director with a knack for always finding new things to love. In my free time, you can usually find me painting, experimenting, or watching Jeopardy.

This May, I am graduating from Michael Graves College/Kean University with a BFA in Graphic Design: Interactive Advertising, where I studied how to work out problems with creative solutions and learned to conceptualize experiential campaigns using both 2D and 3D mediums.

Kelsey Strydio
Kean University
Middletown, NJ

Sarah Riedlinger

Sarah Riedlinger is a graduating designer from Kent State University with a celebrity crush on Ewan McGregor. She, therefore, has no qualms with the “Star Wars” prequels and knows all the songs in Moulin Rouge.

Sarah Riedlinger, Kent State
Kent State University
Reynoldsburg, OH

Alissa Cook

I am a senior at Miami University in Oxford, OH and am studying graphic design, architecture, and interactive media in the College of Creative Arts. I am interested in environmental/experience design and the way that the public interacts with products and spaces.

Alissa Cook, University of Miami
Miami University
West Chester, OH


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