(Joseph) Joe Donovan

Joe Donovan is a Senior Exhibit Designer at Ideum specializing in experiential and interactive design. He has designed exhibits and experiences for The Historic New Orleans Collection, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Mizrahi Developments, and has worked on multiple research and development projects, including "Exploring Pueblo Pottery," winner of a Merit Award from the Society of Experiential Graphic Design.

Joe Donovan
Corrales, NM

Becky Hansis-O'Neill

Becky Hansis-O'Neill is a Senior Exhibit Producer at Ideum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

At Ideum Becky Hansis-O'Neill is responsible for project managment for digital exhibits. She also provides content specialist services for STEM subject matter and is a photographer for Ideum when needed.

Before Becky Hansis-O'Neill joined Ideum in 2017 she worked at the Idaho Museum of Natural History as an Education Specialist where she was responsible for:

Becky Hansis-O'Neill is a Senior Exhibit Producer at Ideum in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rafael Picco

Rafael Picco is an Art Director with IDEUM in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Rafael is a UX/UI designer determined to craft unique user experiences by focusing on clean aesthetics, easy to understand usability, and compelling storytelling through interactive mediums. Rafael Picco has created fully immersive applications for Starbucks, Smithsonian, Verizon, and Hewlett Packard among others.

Rafael Picco is an Art Director with IDEUM in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jim Spadaccini

In 1999, Jim Spadaccini founded Ideum, where he is the Creative Director and Founder. He helps direct Ideum’s commercial hardware and software initiatives and provides creative direction for custom software and installation projects

Jim Spadaccini
Corrales, NM


Ideum is a creative company focused on emerging technology and on designing public installations and products that can create meaningful and compelling user experiences. We are a US-based company and we design and produce the best quality multitouch tables and touch walls. We also develop custom exhibit for public spaces including museums, corporate headquarters, retail, and other places where people gather.

Wildlife Explorers Basecamp: Engaging Young Minds at the San Diego Zoo

Wildlife Explorers Basecamp

Read Time: 5 minutes
How can designers combine the physical and the digital to create seamless visitor experiences within a zoo environment? SEGD member firm Ideum faced this challenge in designing the new Wildlife Explorers Basecamp at the renowned San Diego Zoo. Designed specifically with kids in mind, Ideum and the San Diego Zoo combined technology-driven interactives and immersive environments with more traditional animal displays to engage visitors both emotionally and intellectually.


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