Jo Oltman

Jo Oltman, Marketing Manager at Cambridge Seven Associates, has more than 10 years of experience providing marketing and graphic design for the AEC community.

A talented writer and photographer, Jo Oltman has been working with Cambridge Seven Associates since 2008 and has more than ten years of experience providing marketing services for the A/E/C community. Applying her experience at both the micro and macro levels, Jo works with C7A’s principals to strategize long-term marketing goals and promotes the firm through online, print, social media.

Jo Oltman
Cambridge Seven Associates
Cambridge, MA

Heather Storer

Heather Storer completed her MFA degree in graphic design at Ohio University in May 2013. As part of her graduate research, she completed a written thesis and exhibition on the topic of "Authenticity in Branding." Her professional interests span many aspects of branding including interior architecture, retail design, merchandising, packaging and environmental graphics.

Heather Storer

Joshua Huckleberry-Wright

Joshua Huckleberry-Wright is a Senior Project Designer in Branding & Signage at Ware Malcomb, an international design firm providing planning, architecture, interior design, branding and civil engineering services to commercial real estate and corporate clients..

Joshua Huckleberry-Wright is an Environmental/Experiential Designer, Signage Consultant, and Front-End Web UX/UI Designer. His main focus is bringing your brand and identity to life within any project you may need.

Huckleberry & Wright

Lea Schuster

Lea Schuster's collaborative and committed spirit, expertise and technical knowledge, and passion for design help RDG clients tell their stories through captivating and energizing environmental graphics.

Leah Schuster
RDG Planning & Design

Ken Carbone

Ken Carbone, Co-Founder

Ken Carbone is a designer, artist, musician, author and teacher. As the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director of the Carbone Smolan Agency, he is among America's most respected graphic designers, whose work is renowned for its balance of substance and style.

Ken Carbone, Carbone Smolan Agency
Ken Carbone's Sketchbooks
Carbone Smolan Agency
New York

Stefanie Hajer

Au courant with all things design 

Stefanie Hajer is an environmental graphic and interior designer in CallisonRTKL’s Chicago office, a LEED Silver-rated workplace that overlooks the vibrancy of Millennium Park and the tranquility of Lake Michigan. Architects, interior designers, planners, urban designers and special systems designers cross-pollinate ideas to create environments that inspire, heal, stimulate and nourish the spirit.

Stefanie Hajer, CallisonRTKL

Dr. Mir Damoon

In 2013, Dr. Mir Damoon founded Zigma8 with the belief that communications and branding customers in Iran were not effectively being provided for within its ever-developing market. Having spent 15 years working at leadership levels in respected agencies both inside and outside of Iran, he decided to establish an agency that at its core would solve this problem.

Dr. Damoon Mir
Tehran, Iran

Cristy Morgan

Cristy Morgan is an Assistant Professor, Visual & Performing Arts at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts.

Cristy Morgan received her BFA, Graphic Design & Art Education, Colby-Sawyer College and her MFA in Graphic Design from Boston University.

Cristy Morgan, Vallee Design and Stonehill College


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