Cha-Gyeong, A Brief Reading on Traditional Korean Design

Ho-Am Art Museum

A Brief Reading on Traditional Korean Design Aesthetics

Each culture has its own unique design aesthetics embedded into their culture and history. 

Korea is a land of narrow valleys and winding rivers set within seemingly never-ending layers of mountains. The imagery is so prominently recognized as uniquely Korean, that it is often the focal point of drawings, fabric patterns and murals. The beauty of the land was so stunning, in fact, it inspired traditional Korean architecture and landscaping in profound ways.

Skyline Wayfinding

Skyline Wayfinding

Wayfinding is a term that is said to have origins in the days when stars were used to navigate seemingly endless waters and vast empty plains from one cluster of civilization to another. These days, we use the word Wayfinding to describe a discipline of work in which strategies, signage and graphics are designed to guide users as they interact within an environment. We interact with wayfinding every-day and are, in fact, so accustomed to this type of interaction that it’s easy to overlook the importance of properly designed and implemented signage.

Info Inclusive

At the 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards, Gimpo International Airport was recognized with an Honor Award for Wayfinding. If you read the description for the project, you’ll find the project title includes the sub-heading “Info Inclusive” In this article, allow me to introduce to you the background and the intent for coining this new phrase and why I believe it should become a part of the greater discipline of designing information for a global audience.

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