Howard Curtis

Gnu Group signage at GitHub

GNU Group (Lafayette, Calif.) contributed signage to GitHub when they moved to new quarters in San Francisco, capturing their culture, making a statement about their brand, and providing an imaginative and engaging environment for their employees. GitHub’s symbolic mascot is Octocat, part cat and part octopus; he appears throughout the office and sets the tone for an entirely different workplace experience.

Gnu Group completed a donor recognition program for the Granada Theater

Photo of Granada Theater donor recognition

GNU Group (Lafayette, Calif.) completed a donor recognition program for the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara, which reopened after a monumental restoration. The formal acknowledgment of contributions was the last piece of the resurrection. The program seamlessly integrates functional displays and fulfills real and logistical requirements in recognizing contributors to the Santa Barbara Center for Performing Arts.

Gnu Group Expands Centers at Pleasant Hill Parks

GNU Group (Lafayette, Calif.) designed a signage and orientation system to connect a new teen center, senior center, and the main community center at the expanded Pleasant Hill Parks & Recreation District. While it began as a simple set of signs for the teen center, it quickly expanded into a standards program that can address the ongoing needs for all of the Recreation District’s facilities and parks.

Gnu Group at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory

Photo of Saint Ignatius College Preparatory commemorative project

GNU Group (Lafayette, Calif.) worked with Saint Ignatius College Preparatory on two commemorative projects. One recognizes donors whose contributions made possible the new George "Pat" Malley & Gene Lynch Coaches press box at J.B. Murphy Field. The other display recognizes the school’s graduates serving in the military and honors Admiral Callaghan, a class of 1907 graduate who was awarded the Medal of Honor for commanding a heroic victory during the Battle of Guadalcanal in the South Pacific.

Gnu Group wayfinding program for the City of Davis

Image of wayfinding signage for Downtown Davis

GNU Group (Lafayette, Calif.) designed a wayfinding program for the City of Davis, Calif.  In response to a stringent budget, the firm brought in the environmental graphics program at the University of California, Davis, extending the team’s local resources while providing a real-world experience for the students. GNU presented their own and student-designed designs to the city’s review committee.

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