HeineJones connect people to place. We design highly effective solutions that empower positive perceptions, location awareness, meaningful understanding, and a compelling experience.

The firm is an interdisciplinary design consultancy specializing in interpretive and wayfinding solutions, brand identity, branded environments and experiential design.

Keysborough Wetlands

Finalist 2020
Finalist 2019
Keysborough Wetlands

The Keysborough Wetlands is a unique wetland sanctuary built into the heart of a residential development, providing an important habitat for many birds, fish and turtles, and a place where people connect with nature. While the wetlands sanctuary is cherished, feeding the birds, fish and turtles was causing a significant detrimental affect on the health of the wetlands ecosystem and existing signage was not solving the problem.

Mike Heine

Mike Heine, graphic designer, typographer, experience designer, communicator. Over 20 years professional experience.

Mike is the founder and co-director Director of HeineJones – an internationally recognised experiential design studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

Mike Heine, HeineJones
Melbourne, Australia

Leeds Street Tree Gates

Merit Award
Leeds Street Tree Gates, Maribyrnong City Council, Melbourne, HeineJones Water

In 2010, Maribyrnong City Council approached HeineJones to design an interpretive solution to describe the function and intent of a new “rain garden” installed as part of a streetscape redevelopment in the city of Footscray. The project included the planting of 22 trees utilizing principles of Water Sensitive Urban Design. Collectively the trees form a rain garden, a system that uses rainfall to wash the streets, water trees, and filter and cleanse the water before it is fed into the local river.

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