Janelle Ligrani

I currently work with the SODO Business Improvement Area as their Communications Manager, providing information and resources to local neighborhood visitors, residents, employees and travelers. The SODO Business Improvement Area is a place management organization for the industrial neighborhood of Seattle. 

Janelle Ligrani
SODO Business Improvement Area
Seattle, WAshington

Rie Takeuchi

I’m a recent graduate from The University of Texas at Austin’s M.A. in Design focused on Health program. I come from a background in video production and love storytelling.

After struggling to find my way around hospitals and encountering signs in public spaces that weren’t inclusive, I developed a strong interest in designing experiences, particularly wayfinding systems and services.

Rie Takeuchi
University of Texas Austin (UTSOA)
Austin, TX

Jane Woywod

Jane Woywod is a San Francisco Chapter Co-Chair and an Environmental Graphic Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

She is passionate about design in the built space, because it creates opportunity to view design in both an analytical and artistic lens. Being able to examine and unpack complex wayfinding systems while getting to design creative branded experiences keeps the workflow fresh and interesting. 

Jane Woywod
San Francisco

Kathy Fry

Kathy Fry is the 2022 SEGD President and has served on the SEGD Board since 2016. She is a Principal at Mayer/Reed in Portland, Ore.

Kathy directs visual communications services in the design of signage, wayfinding, interpretive and branded spaces for civic, recreation, transportation, cultural, healthcare, education, mixed-use and corporate settings.

Kathy Fry, Mayer/Reed, 2021 SEGD Vice President

Rachael Rosa

Rachael is part of the Environmental Graphic Design team at AP+I Design in Mountain View, CA. Before joining the AP+I team, her experiences included working for the University of Cincinnati's Planning, Design + Construction in Cincinnati, OH; Hunt Design in Pasadena, CA; and Selbert Perkins Design in Playa del Rey, CA. 

Rachael Rosa
AP+I Design
Mountain View, CA

Chris Moore

Chris Moore directs the ZEBRADOG interactive media team as Vice President and New Media Director. Over the past 20 years, his work has transected a diverse array of design disciplines including technology, environmental graphics, architecture, wayfinding, landscapes, and exhibit development. He has a passion for finding modern solutions that connect people with meaningful experiences, within spaces they inhabit. He typically manages large-scale projects around the country and directs design, production, content, and delivery efforts.

Chris Moore
Madison, WI


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