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The SEGD Green Audit

The SEGD Green Audit process was developed by the SEGD Sustainability Forum to provide a consistent framework for evaluating and articulating the sustainable strategies, materials, and processes used in environmental graphic design projects. Green Audit classification categories include:

▪    Materials/Products: elements such as paints, substrates, inks, solar panels, and modular signs

▪    Processes/Approaches: fabrication and manufacturing approaches and design innovations

Green Resources

SEGD Green Resources

In 2007, the SEGD Sustainability Forum published its SEGD Green Paper: Best Practices, Strategies, and Scenarios for Sustainability in Environmental Graphic Design. The Green Paper was developed around the core principle of sustainability in environmental graphic design, and establishes a framework for evaluating the sustainability of EGD projects, processes, and products. Here you will find links to case studies, audits of projects, processes, products, and research resources.

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