Green Dot Sign

Green Dot Sign

Green Dot Sign® is an award winning, nationwide supplier of ADA, wayfinding, architectural and permanent signage. We focus on dramatically reducing the amount of plastic used in signs, and develop modern processes utilizing wood and natural materials to make world class, beautiful signs for a better planet.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, our ADA signs use no plastic machining or adhesive, so the letters and braille are strongly bonded and use 99% less plastic than traditional ADA signs.  

Green Dot Sign Releases New Line of Red List Approved Signage

Green Dot Sign Released New Line of Red List Approved Signage

Continuing their mission to develop world class sustainable sign products and technologies, Green Dot Sign® has released a new line of FSC 100%, Declare - Red List Approved Wood Base ADA, Code & Wayfinding Signs.  Thoughtfully developed to simultaneously maximize design flexibility while achieving Red List Approved status, this line ranges from high resolution full color sign faces to simple finished wood.

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