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Tangram Design is a leading, creative design firm whose success is driven by our people and their commitment to execute with excellence and apply innovative strategies and design solutions to improve the social, economical and environmental well being of the communities we serve.

George Lim

2008 Angel Award honoree, former Denver Chapter Co-Chair, and Chapter Liaison to the Board

George Lim is a Principal Partner/Creative Director of Tangram Design, a lecturer at the University of Colorado School of Environmental Design, and an active member of the SEGD, as a Denver Chapter Chair.

George-Lim SEGD Denver Chapter Chair, Tangram
Tangram Design
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Successful Efforts by the SEGD Accessible Design Task Force

The SEGD ADA Task Force: A Critical Need

Read Time: 1 minute 30 seconds
​​​​​​​The SEGD Accessible Design Task Force and our friends at ISA are pleased to share that the desired outcome to defeat five key proposed changes to the International Code Council’s ICC A117.1 was successful. This first round of review included changes that would have increased visual character height in signage to 1”. This summer, the first draft of the next edition to the Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities manual will be available to the public for review, and will exclude the strongly opposed language.

Updating the MUTCD: Balancing Uniformity and Flexibility

Updating the MUTCD: Balancing Uniformity and Flexibility

Read Time: 5 minutes
Published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD) defines the standards of road markings, traffic signals and highway signs across the United States—including public wayfinding and placemaking signage. Currently, the FHWA is updating the manual’s 2009 edition with proposed amendments to the Community Wayfinding section. In response, SEGD’s “Community Wayfinding Signage Working Group” is helping to ensure that the proposed changes clarify the current regulations and help support the work of designers for their clients.

Podcast | The Core Design Intent Document

Podcast George Lim


What you will learn

A core design intent document is rapidly becoming a standard among environmental graphic designers.  How did this document come about?  What documentation processes have different firms employed? What are the components of an EGD standard document process? Also included will be boilerplate documentation language and address academic design intent documentation.

Mountain Monorail

Honor Award
Mountain Monorail, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Zach Lee

The Mountain Monorail project is a proposed solution to a high-speed, mass transit system along the I-70 corridor, which winds through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The design concept for the identity utilizes qualities that reflect the pristine, dynamic, and unique nature of the mountain environment. Other suggestive elements in the identity help illustrate the idea of the monorail: the abstract shape of the monorail in the logo, the dynamic curved shapes that emphasize how the monorail wraps around its guideway beam, and the oblique type implying speed.

Zach Lee

World Trade Center Memorial

Merit Award
World Trade Center Memorial, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Carrie Helle

This memorial is meant to capture a moment from the morning of September 11, a day that stands strongly in everyone's mind. The beginning of the memorial, essentially "ground zero," was designed so visitors walk through a path of destruction. Obstacles in their way will be life-size sculptures of people running from the towers and helping others, demolished vehicles, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles. There will also be briefcases, cell phones, facemasks, and paper scattered on the ground.

Carrie Helle


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