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Geograph Industries, Inc.

Geograph Industries, Inc. is a premier design, custom fabrication exhibit and sign company specializing in tradeshow and museum exhibits, way finding signage and branding displays. We are an industry-leading company. From small signs and displays to a booth or exhibit on the grandest scale, we immerse customers in your brand at first sight, delight and inform visitors with interactive displays and help people find their way. 

Zamias/First Union

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Zamias/First Union, Zamias Services, Lorenc+Yoo Design

Zamias Services is an owner and developer of secondary market centers throughout the United States. The exhibit design is inspired by an agora – a Greek marketplace – presenting Zamias Services as a company firmly grounded in tradition with its eye squarely focused on the future. This "modern-classic" theme gives visitors the impression of walking through a marketplace, surrounded by display windows filled with items for sale, while a graphic wall frieze tells the company's story.

Lorenc+Yoo Design
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