GDAP 2002

New Corning Museum of Glass

Honor Award
New Corning Museum of Glass, Ralph Appelbaum Associates

New Corning Museum of Glass: Phase III

This project challenged the designer to bring the diverse elements of a large corporate entity into focus by unifying stories of the science and industry of glassmaking with the museum's ongoing traditions of glass collecting and community involvement. The Glass Museum provides the broadest and most accessible history and experience on the subject in the world.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates


Honor Award
Pearls, American Museum of Natural History

In this comprehensive exhibition, natural specimens paired with cultural objects offer visitors a global view of the many aspects of pearls, the mollusks that produce them, and the cultures that have long prized them. Circular alcoves, grouped around a central core, each explore a particular theme, such as marine pearls or pearls in history. Visitors can move from the center in any direction to build information, layer by layer, like the form of a pearl itself.

American Museum of Natural History

United Airlines Hangar Mural

Honor Award
United Airlines Hangar Mural, Pentagram

As part of the expansion of Logan International Airport in Boston, an entire section of new aircraft hangars, known as Hangar Row, is being configured. Pentagram was asked by its long-time client, United Airlines, to develop a graphic façade for its new hangar, the first to appear on Hangar Row. The criteria for the design were that it needed to feel distinctly United and that it should be a visual event with the potential to become an airport landmark for those flying into and out of Boston.


Adobe Headquarters

Honor Award
Adobe Headquarters, Adobe Systems, Mauk Design

Adobe asked Mauk Design to infuse their world headquarters lobby with their brand identity. The lobby, designed by HOK architects, was a powerful blend of marble, steel, and wood, but had none of Adobe's personality or products. The challenge was to bring Adobe's personality to life in a way that respected the lobby's architecture. The primary element is a 20 by 25 foot "color swatch" palette taken from Adobe Illustrator's interface.

Mauk Design

American Folk Art Museum

Honor Award
American Folk Art Museum, Pentagram

Pentagram was commissioned by the American Folk Art Museum to develop a new institutional identity and environmental graphics for their new building on West 53rd Street. The building is built out of a rich, minimal/modern combination of materials including tombasil, concrete, wood, and terrazzo, each treated in a way to bring out the natural color and texture of the material. The above ground floors total about 5000 square feet, so signage needs were mainly donor acknowledgement and floor and room identification.


Apple Retail Store

Honor Award
Apple Retail Store, Apple Computer

Designed to bring to computer shopping the ease of use associated with the Macintosh, Apple retail stores bring the Apple brand into a new arena. Wall graphics, typically four feet high by twenty feet wide, present overarching messages that change seasonally and relate to individual sections of the store. Quick-read diagrams illustrate the basics and lead the consumer to demo tapes running on in-store computers. Graphics in the Kids section appeal to both children and their parents and focus on education, one of Apple's strongest consumer bases.

Apple Computer

Hollywood Shadow Project

Honor Award
Hollywood Shadow Project, Cameron McNall, Architect

Completed in October 2001, the Hollywood Shadow Project is a series of seven installations dispersed throughout the production area of Hollywood. The designs are derived from photographs of familiar and iconic movie scenes. At the end of the day, the sun passes through these sculptures and casts shadows on other buildings. The intention is to evoke memory, as it is constituted via photographs and movies, and re-present this memory on the site of its invention: Hollywood. All of the sites incorporate buildings and businesses involved in making movies.

Cameron McNall, Architect

MIT Wayfinding & Signage

Honor Award
MIT Wayfinding & Signage, Olin Partnership and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Joel Katz Design Associates

This master plan addresses the unique urban conditions of MIT's Cambridge campus, the confusing array of destinations encountered by visitors, new students, and faculty, and the lack of any comprehensive wayfinding system. The campus can be opaque and visually unnavigable to the uninitiated.

Joel Katz Design Associates

Mountain Monorail

Honor Award
Mountain Monorail, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Zach Lee

The Mountain Monorail project is a proposed solution to a high-speed, mass transit system along the I-70 corridor, which winds through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The design concept for the identity utilizes qualities that reflect the pristine, dynamic, and unique nature of the mountain environment. Other suggestive elements in the identity help illustrate the idea of the monorail: the abstract shape of the monorail in the logo, the dynamic curved shapes that emphasize how the monorail wraps around its guideway beam, and the oblique type implying speed.

Zach Lee


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