GDAP 2001

Teknion Atlanta Showroom

Merit Award
Teknion Atlanta Showroom, Vanderbyl Design

In planning the design of the showroom for Teknion, a manufacturer of contract systems furniture, the challenge was to remedy the physical limitations imposed on the space. The solution was to create an entrance compelling enough to draw visitors down a twenty-foot long corridor to the soaring 17-foot tall showroom beyond – taking a negative and expanding upon it. Horizontal linear fiberglass fluted panels were clad to the expansive corridor and pendant-hung oversized lamps accentuate the length of the hall.

Vanderbyl Design

Pacific Bell Park

Jury Award
Pacific Bell Park, Debra Nichols Design

The scope of this project encompassed the complete graphic design and signage for a new downtown baseball stadium and included logo design, graphic imagery, and all directional, informational, code, identification, and concession signage. A grille motif complements the architecture by expanding on themes of natural light and exposed structure. The logo celebrates the unique San Francisco experience of a waterfront ballpark where a home run to right field just might land in the bay.

Debra Nichols Design


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