Flux Studio


Honor Award 2018

At the new downtown development ROW DTLA, Rios Clementi Hale Studios used place-led branding to reveal the story and uniqueness of the place. Layers of the site’s past remained throughout the development: faded signage, timeworn concrete and a gritty patina that was important as a bit of the history of the Produce Market, which is still functioning today. A fresh skim-coat would have wiped these important imprints away but celebrating them gives the site an authenticity that can’t be recreated.

NeoCon East Sustainability Exhibit

Beauty of the Waste

Gensler’s Baltimore team reveals the ironic beauty of a resource we routinely squander.

When the Merchandise Mart asked Gensler’s Baltimore office to create a sustainability-focused experience for NeoCon East, Jim Camp and his team took it personally.

The exhibit’s goal was to promote dialogue around sustainability and offer visitors a point of pause and inspiration in the generic Baltimore Convention Center lobby before they entered NeoCon.

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