Fitgi Saint-Louis

Fitgi Saint-Louis

Fitgi Saint-Louis is an environmental graphic designer at Gensler. There she designs on a wide range of projects within the built environment and brand development and works in team formats to develop branded environmental experiences. She collaborates with internal architecture and interior design teams to provide holistic solutions.

Fitgi Saint Louis
New York

Ambient Learning: An investigation of integrating graphic design into school environments to enrich educational opportunities.

The design of education environments can serve not only aesthetic, inspirational needs but also practical ones. The integration of architecture and environmental graphic design communicates and reinforces core concepts and ideas related to the students’ ongoing studies. Importantly, this opportunity applies to all learning environments—low cost can yield high-impact results. We believe creative, unexpected design intervention can assist current schools that are struggling to keep students engaged, and also act as a catalyst for a new type of school environment that sets a precedent for high-performance learning facilities. The success of not-for-profits such as Publicolor in using design to improve student outcomes serves as inspiration for our ideas.

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