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From Models to Install

From Models to Install

Our impetus for EGD in the classroom is the alchemy of bringing together projects with social purpose, meaningful narrative, and collaboration. But the focus of From Models to Install is to present a specific course of action that relies on the use of systems: grid and hierarchical structures borrowed from typographic layouts for the exhibition models and fabrication frameworks for the installations.

From Models to Install: The Models

ENCOUNTER—Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou

Honor Award 2019
ENCOUNTER: Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou

Allen’s Landing, where Buffalo Bayou meets the heart of downtown, is the birthplace of Houston. Flowing west from this historic landing, Buffalo Bayou Park was successfully revitalized in 2010. Now the focus is along the bayou’s east sector. This section has a distinctly different character from the west and downtown; flowing through historically Hispanic and African American communities and through the industrial zones of the Houston Ship Channel.

Figurative Poetics Downtown Banners

Finalist 2017
Figurative Poetics Downtown Banners

CORE Design studio was engaged with the concept development and design of a public art banner program for Houston's Downtown District, whose ongoing mission is "to collaboratively plan, manage, maintain and develop downtown Houston to make it a productive, inviting, safe, accessible, walkable, livable, interesting and always active urban place." The Figurative Poetics banner project involved collaborating with a variety of local, regional, well-known, school age and multilingual authors—all of whom provide a small glimpse into Houston’s rich cultural diversity.

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