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Open Space Signage in a Pandemic and Beyond

Open Space Infrastructure Provides the Framework for Easily Implementable Improvements

Open Space Signage in a Pandemic and Beyond
From Parks to Parklets to Public Price
By Cheri Devlin, Altitude Design Office

Read Time: 4 Minutes

In this year of pandemic, designers have learned the importance of creating signage and wayfinding systems which are adaptable, durable, and easy to maintain over time. Altitude Design Office suggests seven ways designers can be more flexible when reacting to unforeseen events.

Royal Opera House: Opening Its Doors to All

Royal Opera House Wayfinding by Endpoint

Read Time: 6 minutes

Endpoint, collaborating with the Royal Opera House, creates a wayfinding system that allows the venerable London institution to open its doors to everyone.

Opera houses, symphony halls, and ballet theaters can be intimidating spaces. There’s often an air of grandiosity and exclusivity in these structures—and a notion in popular culture that these spaces are reserved for the highly cultured, the socially elite and the uber wealthy.


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