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Breeze Creative

Breeze Creative is an interactive experience design company. They create unique and engaging spaces using physical and virtual elements. Their team of multidisciplinary designers, content developers, and programmers work hand-in-hand using cutting-edge technologies to turn the  wildest and most creative ideas into reality. They also offer a suite of interactive products that can be provided as a fast and easy solution such as:

David Hawkins

David Hawkins is a Principal at Incite CX in Portland.

Incite CX LLC is a customer experience consultancy started in 2014 who help companies impress their customers and inspire their employees by creating brand experiences that drive loyalty and growth.

Before starting Incite CX David Hawkins was the Senior VP Customer Experience for Huntington Bank where he was responsible for overseeing the execution and measurement of consistent and Best in Class brand identity and customer experience across all service environments.

David Hawkins is a Principal at Incite CX in Portland
Umpqua Bank

Jessica Oldiges

Jessica Oldiges is a Communication Design student at the University of Cincinnati in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). She is participating in the Professional Practice Program, alternating semesters of study with work in the field of graphic design. Her next adventure will be a CoOp in San Francisco with Punchcut this Spring, 2018 on their experience design team.

Jessica Oldiges
University of Cincinnati (DAAP)

Lukas Fitze

Lukas Fitze joined iart, an award-winning immersive design & engineering studio headquartered in Basel in 2017. He runs the company’s New York outpost and works with the Basel office to develop global strategy. iart  has built a reputation for seamless integration of the digital into the built environment, generally pairing with architects, artists, developers, museums, and brands to realize creative visions using emerging technologies, and enhanced interactivity.

Lukas Fitze
iart ag
New York

Bernard Semerdjian

Bernard Semerdjian is an Experience Designer at BRC Imagination Arts in Los Angeles. Before joining BRC Imagination Arts, Bernard Semerdjian worked for Peter Green Design. For nearly four decades, BRC Imagination Arts has helped to create transformative brand destinations and cultural attractions all over the world. Our innovative creative production process delivers experiences that touch hearts and emotionally engage guests, and our industry-leading projects exceed the expectations of our clients and their audiences.

Bernard Semerdjian is an Experience Designer at BRC Imagination Arts in Los Angeles.
BRC Imagination Arts
Los Angeles, CA


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