Experience Design

Anne Wilsey

I believe that the power of an exhibition is in its ability to spark curiosity and kindle the imagination. As a designer and museum professional, I tell stories with objects and space that connect people with ideas.

I am a recent graduate of George Washington University's exhibition design program and a not-so-recent graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art's illustration program. I live in Washington, DC, where I serve the Smithsonian American Art Museum as a Program Specialist in the Luce Foundation Center.

Anne Wisley
George Washington University
Washington DC

Chick Russell Communications

Chick Russell Communications is a multi-award winning creative development company specializing in the design of extraordinary destination experiences, luxury tourism resorts, immersive theme park attractions and engaging museum exhibits.

Chick Russell has developed a number of iconic projects including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Transformers the Ride 3D, and the Nintendo Super Mario Kart Ride for Universal Studios and the Tokyo DisneySea theme park for The Walt Disney Company.

Alfred Ton

My name is Alfred Ton. Pleasure to meet you! I am a recent graduate from the California State University, Long Beach design program. I am a designer with the goal of making things fun and interesting for all. I hope to provide quality solutions to any field that I work in. My primary focus is on the Toy and entertainment industry. My goal is to give people the feeling of wonder and satisfaction that can only be achieved through simply having fun.

Alfred Ton
California State University Long Beach
Long Beach, CA

Amira Maruf

With a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and marketing, I exercised skillfulness in creating rapport between companies and their public, assisted in maintaining a favorable corporate image, sales operations, and crisis management.

Amira Maruf
University of Houston

Keith Comley

Keith Comley is originally from Central Florida where he grew up amidst the excitement of theme parks, tourism and the ever evolving landscape of immersive entertainment. He has always had a passion for immersion and been fascinated by how you can construct narrative in space.

Keith Comley, Fashion Institute of Technology
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
New York

Lior Gensler

Lior Gensler is a New York City based experiential designer serving agency and c-suite level clientele. Providing creative  direction as well as technical design work for projects ranging from concept development  to full scale event production.

Lior Gensler is pursuing Masters of Art in Exhibition & Experience Design @ The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Where in the world would you like to work?
Anywhere a Job takes me!

Lior Gensler, Fashion Institute of Technology
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
New York

Relative Scale

Relative Scale is a digital agency that creates experiences for spaces. We partner with brands and institutions to thoughtfully conceptualize, design, develop, and deliver bespoke media programs that tell meaningful stories. Prioritizing an understanding of the target audience, the spatial environment, and the tone and tenor of the message, the philosophy that underlies our creative approach is based on the careful consideration of scale—both physical and conceptual—in every media experience we produce.


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