EverBlock Systems

EverBlock Systems, LLC.

EverBlock® Systems, LLC. is a leading manufacturer of modular building systems and has provided design services to clients and companies all over the world.

EverBlock’s full line of modular building blocks are used to build temporary and permanent walls and room dividers, event and trade show exhibits, furniture, props, decor, retail displays, educational learning, and so much more.

Arnon Rosan

Arnon Rosan is CEO and founder of EverBlock Systems, LLC, which manufactures a line of super cool, life-sized, modular plastic building blocks.  EverBlock's unique interlocking plastic blocks stack to create all types of objects and allow you to build creations that are limited only by your imagination. He loves modularity and how a few shapes can be combined to build all kinds of amazing things.  At EverBlock they build everything from furniture to funky decor and from dividers walls to amazing objects of all kinds.

Arnon Rosan
New York
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