Eric Koslow

Eric Koslow

Eric Koslow is the Vice President of  Business Development for Direct Embed Coatings LLC, and is a pioneering developer and promoter of powder coated graphics. His vast background and expertize in powder coating, sublimation printing and decorative finishing has helped to bring Direct Embed to the forefront of the decorative coating and high resolution printing industry. Eric’s expertise and reputation has made him a sought after speaker at national coating and finishing events.

Eric Koslow
DE Powder Coated Graphics
Pompano Beach, FL

Thinking Beyond 2 Dimensions with Direct Embed

Direct Embed

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Direct Embed is an industry leader for high resolution graphics, but to really take advantage of the power of 3D powder coating is the perfect choice. Consider some options that will make your building project pop.

Powder Coating can be used for meshes and screens with graphics that penetrate the dimensional crevices of the metal structures. A great opportunity for creative enclosures.

Direct Embed Lounge Work at Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Escape Lounges

At Reno-Tahoe International Airport, MAG USA recently introduced its newest Escape Lounges project. It is the latest in a series of common-use lounges that offer an array of comfortable seating, high-speed WiFi and freshly-prepared food and beverage options included in the price of admission. MAG USA needed a durable graphics solution and sought out Direct Embed to develop the graphics for the storefront finish along the corridor.

Direct Embed Helps Rediscover History at the Ohio State University

Ohio State Interpretive Signage

If you have walked the Ohio State University campus it is most likely you have been standing on the site of the old Ohio Field torn down in 1922. University architect Bernie Costantino spearheaded the project designed by MKSK Studios in Cincinnati to commemorate the field and the legends who competed on it with signs and yard markers that were installed in spring 2017. All graphics on the markers were developed with the Direct Embed Coating System which perfectly wrapped the three dimension landmarks in historic pictures and interpretive text.

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