Environmental Graphic Design

Alwyn Brownewell

Alwyn Brownewell, Core Design Studio, Houston

Alwyn Brownewell is a positive, well-rounded designer who is passionate about creating meaningful designs that impact my community.

Alwyn Brownewell currently lives in Houston, TX with her husband Matt and their pup named Katsu. When she’s not designing, Alwyn enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and eating lots of food with family and friends.

Alwyn earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in GRaphic Design from the University of Houston, graduating in 2018.

Alwyn Brownewell, Core Design Studio, Houston
Core Design Studio
Houston, TX

John Temple

John Temple is a Partner at Hunt Design, a graphic design consulting firm specializing in environmental graphics and exhibit design for public spaces, parks, museums, attractions, retail projects, entertainment centers, hospitality and multi-use developments.

John Temple, Partner of Hunt Design
Hunt Design
Los Angeles

Randye Kerstein

Randye Kerstein is a Strategic Multidisciplinary Designer at Adrenaline Group, an experience design agency that creates and implements brands and retail environments. Randye is a strategic creative professional with over 20 years of branding, art direction, environmental graphic design and retail experience design.

Randye Kerstein
Adrenaline Group
Portsmith, NH

Ashleigh Otto

Ashleigh Otto is a young self-motivated, team-oriented, critical, and hungry designer beginning her journey in EGD. She was loosely brought up in the Bauhaus tradition-- studying Industrial Design at Virginia Tech’s school of Architecture and Design.

Ashleigh Otto
Louisa, VA

Derek Friday

Derek Friday is an environmental graphic designer, based in Boulder, Colorado, and Hamburg, Germany.  His practice primarily includes immersive branding as well as signage and wayfinding elements.

Derek Friday, Finndustry
Boulder, CO

Hanna Sakakibara

Hanna Sakakibara is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Johnson & Johnson in New York City.

Hanna Sakakibara graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial and Product Design. She also completed a summer residency program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. White at the University of Michigan, Hanna Sakakibara was involved with the university's IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) chapter and served as an in-house designer for PR RIME: Rural Innovations in Medical Engineering. 

Hanna Sakakibara is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Johnson & Johnson in New York City.
Johnson & Johnson
New York, NY


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