Environmental Graphic

Rob Sullivan

Trusted and professional, Rob Sullivan manages critical customer relationships with Fortune 500 companies. Leading teams of sales executives, designers, project managers and fabricators, Rob Sullivan drives retail environmental branding concepts from napkin to reality. Rob Sullivan is an 18-year industry veteran and part of the team that recently purchased SuperGraphics. He has been involved with local retail, environmental and event branding and graphics programs for some of the largest companies in the northwest and beyond.

Rob Sullivan

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson is an Associate, Sr. Designer + Project Manager at HKS in Dallas, TX. He guides the EXPlore design team through signage and brand activation projects. He is the Lead Associate for the new 298 acre LA Rams Stadium and Entertainment District being built in Inglewood, CA, the Texas Rangers baseball ballpark under construction in Arlington, TX, and the newly renovated Milwaukee Brewers spring training facility in Phoenix, AZ, among many others.

Jeff Wilson is a Senior Project Manager at Image Resource Group in Columbia, SC.
Columbia, South Carolina


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