Environmental Graphic

Jessica Finch

Jessica Finch is a Principal at Selbert Perkins Designwhere she oversees wayfinding, placemaking, and branded environment projects. She has over 18 years’ experience working on multi-faceted projects in collaboration with architects and owners. She is passionate about forging unlikely partnerships and developing concepts that engage communities.

Jessica Finch
Selbert Perkins Design

Jeff Wilson

Jeff is a Signage and Wayfinding Designer at Gensler in Atlanta, GA. He brings an exceptional level of attention to detail and experience to projects that include large mixed use developments, healthcare, workplace, hospitality and brand implementation just to name a few.

He found a love for design at Winthrop University where he graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design in 2005. That passion and experience for blending Visual Communication, Architecture, Graphic and Industrial design has broadened through his 16 year career in the industry. 

Jeff Wilson
Atlanta, Georgia

Shayla Hufana

Shayla is a curious designer with strong conceptual skills in brand, environmental/experiential, digital, UX/UI, and CX design in a wide range of industries including corporate, hospitality, luxury retail, food/bar, sports, aerospace, healthcare, and non-profits. She has 10+ years of professional design experience and has helped to create meaningful and successful solutions with a playful perspective to design. A few clients include Nordstrom, ATT, Google, Whole Foods, SSP America, Centerplate, and the Hawaii Wildlife Center.


Shayla Hufana


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