Chick Russell & Company

Chick Russell & Company is a multi-award winning creative development company specializing in the design of extraordinary destination experiences, luxury tourism resorts, immersive theme park attractions and engaging museum exhibits.

Chick Russell has developed a number of iconic projects including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Transformers the Ride 3D, and the Nintendo Super Mario Kart Ride for Universal Studios and the Tokyo DisneySea theme park for The Walt Disney Company.

Aida Ohadi

I am a recent graduate and designer specialized in creating meaningful experiences within branded spaces, live events and concerts, products and graphics. My dream is to become a creative director one day, leading amazing shows, concerts, and events for the entertainment industry.

Where in the world would you like to work?
Los Angeles, CA

Who is your favorite designer ever? And what one question would you ask them?
Es Delvin. What advice do you have for younger designers who are pursuing the same path as yours?

Aida Ohadi
California State University Long Beach
Granada Hills

Thomas Printworks

In March of 1956, Thomas Printworks set up our first shop in Dallas, Texas. We started with a focus on traditional blueprints servicing the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. We never would have imagined that our business would now be in its third generation of family ownership and have over 600 employees spanning 28 locations in the U.S.


Funny name.  Fun to pronounce.  INCISEON® (in-size-eon) is a 12v replacement for neon. Our superior lighting technology produces a "tube" look that emits light from 360°, effectively reproducing the look and glow of high voltage neon. INCISEON® is more technologically advanced than any existing faux neon or LED neon product on the market. This is the Future of the Sign, Branding, and Lighting Industry: thinner cabinets, less wiring, low voltage, higher light output, and technologically advanced. What does it mean for your business?  It means clean and crisp brand impression.

Jill Southern

Jill Souther is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for cities and spaces.

Jill Southern is an art director and designer. She works across a broad range of disciplines, including brand, web, environmental, and print design.

Jill Souther is a Senior Designer at Burnkit in Vancouver.

Lynn Zarif

Lynn Zarif is a Freelance Design Consultant in Washington, D.C.

Lynn Zarif is a well-traveled feminist, curious learner and designer who is passionate about storytelling. Lynn is always looking for innovative solutions. She has lived, studied and worked in Spain, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Lynn Zarif is currently based in Washington D.C. and is looking forward to being one of its design community members.

Lynne Zarif's specializations are:

Lynn Zarif is a Freelance Design Consultant in Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.


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