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City Explorer at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital

Honor Award 2019
City Explorer at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital

As a child patient, the hospital can be scary and lonely. Decisions are made for and about you that you may not understand, by people you don’t know. In many cases you can be there for long periods of time. To help make that stay a little less scary, create a connection to the outside world and return a modicum of control, Potion created City Explorer for the new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.

Natural History Museum of Utah

Merit Award
Natural History Museum of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah has created a remarkably integrated suite of design components: the Ennead-designed building nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Range, a series of 10 interconnected exhibitions designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates that resonate with the natural setting, an interior and exterior wayfinding program by Poulin + Morris, brand identity by Infinite Scale, and landscape architecture by Design Workshop.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Ennead, GSBS, Infinite Scale Design Group, Poulin + Morris, Design Workshop
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