Emily Cohen

Emily Cohen

A brutally honest consultant, Emily Cohen has been honored to consult and work with many leading design firms across the country. Through these experiences, she has developed, tested, and curated key business insights and strategies that have helped firms become more effective, profitable, and fun to work at. Emily conducts strategic business planning retreats and provides confidential, best-practice insights and advice on staff, client, and process-management strategies.

Emily Cohen

2020 SEGDVoices: It's Your Fault! Take Back Control of Your Clients

Emily Cohen, a “brutally honest” business consultant. Emily speaks it, writes it as she sees it and experiences it. Emily will share key business strategies to help you as a creative to take back control of your clients. Her book appropriately titled Brutally Honest: No Bullshit Strategies To Evolve Your Creative Business, is a reflection of her personality and approach, which is straightforward, concise, and honest. So, be prepared! This session will be followed by a Q+A hosted by our San Francisco chapter.

Sponsored by Gemini.

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