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Robin Anderson

Robin Anderson is a co-chair for the SEGD Austin Chapter. She specializes in signage and wayfinding.

As the signage and branding specialists within Page architecture, Dyal Branding and Graphics design everything from wayfinding systems to full branding suites, with an emphasis on overall creative project visioning.

Robin Anderson
Walder Studio

Mario Salazar

Mario Salazar is a focused and determined designer eager to produce design that has a meaningful concept and thought process. He is able to take concepts and develop them into a cohesive vision. Mario Salazar is an effective communicator with interests in environmental graphics, print design, identity systems, and concept development.

Mario Salazar
Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Greater Los Angeles Area

Herman Dyal

Dyal and Partners was founded and is led by Herman Ellis Dyal, FAIA, a design strategist, architect and graphic designer with over 35 years of experience.

Prior to founding Dyal and Partners, he served as the Chief Creative Officer and CEO of fd2s.

Herman Dyal has been an architect with the New York office of Philip Johnson, and an architect with Skidmore Owings & Merrill.

Herman Dyal
Page Southerland Page, Inc
Austin, Texas

Podcast | Cultural and Multicultural Issues in Wayfinding

Cultural and Multicultural Issues in EGD, Jim Bolek


What you will learn

Part 2 of 4 in a series on ‘Wayfinding Beyond the Book’.

The United States has 41 million foreign-born residents and other countries around the world are seeing a similar influx of new people and design trends. This multicultural world not only has language barriers, but also educational, cultural, and technological separations that impact design.

Podcast | Research and Design

Podcast Phil Garvey


What you will learn

How many feet apart should signs be? Is color truly useful in wayfinding? Ongoing research has a direct impact on EGD. This course begins with an overview of research and its impact on design and building codes. Then learn which research sources exist and where they are applicable. Also included is an overview on how to look at and interpret a specific research report.

Podcast | The Big Picture: Telling a Story with EGD

Podcast Jonathan Alger


What you will learn

EGD can be seen as the art of using space as a medium of communication, making the environment around you tell you where to go, what to buy, where you are, and what to do next. It can even tell you a story. Jonathan Alger,Principal Designer and 2006-2007 SEGD President, provides an overview of how EGD can be used as a storytelling tool in projects as wide-ranging as exhibitions, trade shows, themed spaces, and landscapes.


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