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Education + Research Introduction

SEGD’s Education conferences, workshops, webinars, and courses span a wide swath of design practice areas including branded environments, exhibition and experience design, technology and interactive experiences, user experience, healthcare, practice and technical topics, wayfinding, accessibility, and the business of design.

The academic journal Communication + Place, the SEGD Annual, and White Papers (published on topics including accessibility and sustainability) also advance SEGD's educational mission.

SEGD actively collaborates with and provides outreach to design programs at internationally recognized colleges and universities. Sample EGD course syllabi and curricula can be found on the EGD Course Curriculum page. Additional resources, including a listing of EGD/XGD Books and EGD Core Competencies to use when developing outcomes for EGD/XGD centric curricula, are available under the Academic Resources section of the Education + Research page.

SEGD’s signature academic education event is the annual SEGD Academic Summit, immediately preceding the SEGD Conference each June. Design educators from around the world are invited to submit papers for presentation at the Summit and publication in SEGD’s peer-reviewed Communication + Place, which is published electronically on an annual basis. The Summit and e-publication are platforms for academic researchers to disseminate their creative work, models for innovation in curriculum, and best practices for research related to experiential graphic design.

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State of EGD Education

While advanced degree programs (M. Design, M.S. Design, MFA) with a focus on EGD have emerged at a handful of academic institutions, the language and practice of EGD and EGD thinking have been integrated into many design curricula as part of an overall design education experience for nearly 20 years at dozens of institutions. The majority of these courses are offered as elective courses by adjunct and lecture faculty who are engaged in EGD practice and support the dialogue between practice and education.

The range of courses exposing students to the possibilities of working across multiple scales, disciplines, and media platforms and surfaces vary by institution and run from elective style/special topic seminars to practice-based studios within sponsored projects. While many institutions offer optional EGD courses with a focus on specific practice areas, a shift towards a deeper, more integrative, and more inclusive form of course is emerging without any alliance to one discipline or another. This type of experience can help students scale their traditional skills across both spatial and media platforms, a way of designing that can ultimately be applied to an array of professional career paths. Students with an exposure interdisciplinary collaboration will enter professional practice with a versatile skill set, prepared to tackle a wide range of design problems.

Hablamos Juntos

Hablamos Juntos

Universal Symbols in Health Care

A partnership between Hablamos Juntos and SEGD, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Today, one of the most important issues facing healthcare administrators in the United States is providing services to people with limited English proficiency (LEP) and limited reading proficiency. A critical aspect of serving LEP and limited-reading populations is making healthcare facilities more accessible and easy to navigate.


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