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Airport Wayfinding: Guiding Passengers and Expressing Identity

Airport Wayfinding: Guiding Passengers and Expressing Identity

Read Time: 3 minutes
​​​​​​​When navigating through airports, travelers want to quickly find their gate—or baggage area or exit—and then be off! In their new book, Airport Wayfinding, SEGD members Heike Nehl and Sibylle Schlaich reveal how designers of wayfinding signage help passengers navigate the complexities of modern airports, and in the process, help reduce their stress. Along the way, the authors also explore how airport graphics express the identities of place, culture, and even the spirit of flight.

Seeing the Better City

Seeing the Better City (image: book cover)

Read Time: 9.5 minutes

While big data, digital mapping and simulated cityscapes are valuable tools, using them without on-the-ground personal observation risks creating places that do not reflect authentic local context—the key to the method addressed in "Seeing the Better City" by Charles R. Wolfe.

Desire by Design

Desire by Design by Jean-Pierre Lacroix

Read Time: 15 minutes

 Titled “Desire by Design,” a new book out this month by Jean-Pierre Lacroix of Shikatani Lacroix (Toronto) examines how desire shapes decisions and the role that design can have in the process, offering interesting history, insights from scientific research and actionable advice.

The Field Guide to Supergraphics—Big Graphics in the Urban Landscape

"The Field Guide to Supergraphics" by Sean Adams

Earlier this month, a new experiential graphic design volume was released by Thames & Hudson entitled "The Field Guide to Supergraphics: Big Graphics in the Urban Landscape." Written by acclaimed author and designer Sean Adams, the tome explores daring, bright and meaningful large-scale experiential graphics installations around the world.

Wayfinding PictograficSystems: Nonverbal, Universal

Wayfinding PictograficSystems: Nonverbal, Universal

By Paul Arthur and Branimir Zlamalik

Just as the world has adopted coordinated alphabet systems, the same should be done with pictorial images. Because no common descriptions exist, we are constantly exposed to different pictographic images representing the same thing. There is, however, a very real need for universality. A coordinated, integrated, pictograph system, with specific descriptions for each image, would be recognized throughout the entire world, regardless of language and culture. This type of system will achieve true internationalism.

WAYFINDING People, Signs, and Architecture

WAYFINDING People, Signs, and Architecture

By Paul Arthur & Romedi Passini

This book brings together expertise on all three of the elements that comprise wayfinding within the context of the built environment: architecture, graphics, and verbal human interaction.

In other words, this book is not just about signs; it is about everything one needs to know in order to design settings that will be user-friendly and that will work the way they should - at least as far as the all-important communications aspects are concerned.


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