Peregrine OKB

The Tagline: “Evolution, Not Disruption.”
The Deliverable: “Applied & Adaptive Technology, by Design.”
The Practice: “Immersive & experiential technology design & project management for education, entertainment, and events”

Mike MacEachern

Mike MacEachern is the CEO of iZone in Temple, Texas and he joined iZone in 2003. Before that he worked at Wilsonart International as a project manager. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design and Applied Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.

iZone Imaging is an international leader in the Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL) market with a fully integrated manufacturing facility centrally located in North America.

iZone’s CHPL is manufactured in one location, which means exceptional quality and fast delivery.

Mike MacEachern
iZone Imaging
Austin, Texas

Amanda Burstein

Amanda Burnstein is a Phoenix Chapter Co-Chair

Amanda Burstein is a Graphic Designer with Airpark Signs in Tempe, Arizona.

Airpark Signs & Graphics is a leader in architectural signage in the Southwest. Founded in 1983 by Gretchen Cherrill, the company has cultivated extensive expertise in all facets of the process, from design through fabrication and installation. We’re mindful of the impact of architectural detail on the integrity of the project as a whole. We work closely with our clients to realize their vision and enhance their overall objectives.

Amanda Burstein is a Graphic Designer with Airpark Signs in Tempe, Arizona
Airpark Signs & Graphics
Phoenix, AR

Hyunmi Jenny Lee

Associate Principal and Senior Graphic Designer, ZGF Architects

Since 2006, Hyunmi Jenny Lee has served as Senior Graphic Designer for project-based efforts and marketing, including environmental graphics, branding, storytelling, donor signage, wayfinding, print collateral, multi-page publications, and web design. In all her work, Jenny strives to create graphics that tell a story and create a unique experience for her clients.

Hyunmi Jenny Lee is an Associate and Senior Graphic Designer at ZGF Architects in Los Angeles
ZGF Architects
Los Angeles

Bob Lowe

Bob Lowe is a Principal at Arrowstreet in Boston.

Robert "Bob" Lowe is a principal at Arrowstreet and created Arrowstreet Graphic Design (AGD) in 1995 to bring Arrowstreet’s award winning, in-house graphic design to a larger commercial, academic, and institutional market.

Bob Lowe is a Principal at Arrowstreet in Boston.

Seeing by Touch - Inclusive Exhibition

Merit Award 2020
Seeing by Touch - Inclusive Exhibition

Seeing by Touch is one of the few exhibitions where you can touch everything—all 120 artworks of visually impaired students, 26 classic sculptures and one spatial installation!

The inclusive temporary exhibition is designed in such a way that visitors can tactilely experience the artworks of visually impaired students. The exhibition is completely adapted to blind and sight-impaired persons, and because of the extremely low budget all the production materials were recycled from previous museum exhibitions.

Cal Poly

Merit Award 2019
Cal Poly

Nestled on California’s central coast, Cal Poly’s new residential community for 1,475 first-year university students consists of seven three- to five-story residence hall buildings, and an adjacent four-level parking structure. The new complex connects students both to each other and to the adjacent residential community. A deep connection to place comes from a partnership with the local Northern Chumash tribe, yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini, to provide direction for creating unique experiential graphics for each of the residence halls.


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