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What is EGD/XGD?

What do the terms EGD/XGD refer to?

Here are two articles describing Environmental Graphic Design and Experiential Graphic Design.In 2014 SEGD changed the "E" from Environmental to Experiential. This was done to recognize the rapid expansion over the last decade of the scope of what this profession does. Experiential encompasses all of Environmental Graphic Design, but expands it to include digital technologies, content (such as video, images and stories) and most importantly the notion of interaction.


Environmental Graphic Design/Experiential Graphic Design Books have been undergoing a renaissance over the last ten years with new books that cover different areas of EGD/XGD and books that incorporate EGD/XGD into other design topics. This is a list of top books to use as background text for educational programs. These books have all been used in SEGD educational programs.

Top General EGD Books

Entro and Gottschalk+Ash. Cultivating a Design Legacy: The First 50 Years. Friesen, 2017.

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