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Innovation in Lighting and Electronic Sign Design

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What you will Learn:
Dennis Hickey runs through the different lighting and screen technologies such as LCD, LED, Plasma, incandescent, fluorescent, neon, etc. Susan May talks about the suitability of these technologies in different applications from a design perspective. This is a good 101 level introduction to what digital technology to use in which application.

LED Display Technology, Plasma/LCD Display Technology, Software Applications and Design applications

Eddie Opara

Eddie Opara was born in Wandsworth, London in 1972. He studied graphic design at the London College of Printing and Yale University, where he received his MFA in 1997. He began his career as a designer at ATG and Imaginary Forces and worked as a senior designer/art director at 2×4 before establishing his own studio, The Map Office, in 2005. He joined Pentagram’s New York office as partner in October 2010.

Eddie Opara, Pentagram
New York

Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage solutions such as large LED screens, LCD, projection video, and digital media meshare used to create experiences with content such as moving images, video, messages, and interfaces that help to enhance the experience of spaces. Digital Signage is also used for more functional uses such as menu boards, instructions, and advertising in public spaces indoors and outdoors.

Dennis Hickey

Dennis Hickey is the Managing Director for SNA and responsible for the Sales and Operations of the business unit in North America. Dennis has completed numerous courses in LED technology and digital media, including visits to Belgium, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Dennis has been a member of SEGD since 2001 and held seminars on the use of LED technology in design. Dennis Hickey also has served as co-chair for the New York City chapter.

Dennis Hickey, SNA
SNA Displays
New York City

JP Lacroix

With over 30 years of industry experience, Jean-Pierre Lacroix has garnered a reputation as a visionary design thinker, strategist, author, and speaker. Through an unwavering focus on future-proofing brands, Jean-Pierre is driven to produce measurable results through strategic insights that help brands own the at-purchase moment.

Jean-Pierre Lacroix


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