Digital Signage

Kevin Patey

Kevin Patey is Creative Director at AJP, a consulting firm specialising in Scoreboard and Video Display Design.

A fifth-generation signwriter - he grew up in an traditional sign shop just as hand lettering was at its zenith and the era of vinyl & digital signage was dawning - giving him a unique perspective on design philosophy.

Kevin Patey, AJP
Anthony James Partners (AJP)
Victoria, BC

Jill Burgess

Jill is a Co-founder of Presentations, Inc. an experiential design firm. Jill manages the corporate purchasing of all medias for the best quality displays, directs the marketing, and collaborates in the creative design and sales. Through her efforts, Presentations has grown to a nationally recognized experiential branding firm that creates visual branding for corporations, non profits and retailers in the form of digital interactive displays, donor walls, way finding, history exhibits and corporate branding.

Jill Burgess, Presentations
Hiawatha, IA

Julie Beeler

Julie Beeler is passionate about educating, inspiring, and informing diverse audiences through storytelling innovation. She has pioneered new forms of interactive media, designing unique, innovative, interactive experiences that pique curiosity, spur discovery, and inspire audiences.

Headshot of Julie Beeler, founder of second Story, Portland Oregon
Portland, OR

Dynamic Environments 2

Click to access the SEGD Dynamic Environments 2 Podcast series

What you will Learn:
Dynamic environments are complex projects for even the most experienced developers, designers, and technical consultants. New media and emerging technologies present huge challenges—but also great opportunities to energize places, reinforce brand, establish dialogues, and deliver targeted messages. Learn from experts on design and technology/fabrication how to put complex dynamic environments together.

Wayfinding and information design with Dynamic Signs

55-141 Wayfinding and Information Design with Dynamic Digital Signage


What you will Learn

This lecture is a must for anyone interested in learning more about the technical aspects of dynamic wayfinding systems in transportation, corporate and institutional environments. From changeable schedule information to electronic wayfinding, to advertising integration, to interactive kiosks, you will see which technologies are ready for prime time, which are not, and what strategies are necessary to integrate them into projects.


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