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Bitro Group

Bitro Group is a manufacturer of advanced lighting products for signage, display, branding, and architectural applications.

At Bitro Group we strive to be "Your LED Lighting Partner" by offering professional grade products to meet your lighting and signage needs. Our Channel Letter modules, Light Box and Cabinet Lighting products are in great demand by our customers for traditional industry applications.

Alex Meeks

Alex Meeks is a Senior Industrial Designer at Adherettes in Melbourne.

Alex Meeks is an experienced Senior Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. Skilled in Technical Documentation, Conceptual Design, Pre-press, Typography, SolidWorks, and Graphic Design. Strong arts and design professional with over 10 years experience in the signage industry.

Before joining Adherettes in 2014 he was a graphic Designer at Graphic Effects and at Melbourne Signage Concepts and Powerimage before that.

Alex Meeks is a Senior Industrial Designer at Adherettes in Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia


As a leader in the design and fabrication of retail fixtures, displays and stores, Chandler creates retail store environments for your brand to live in. From custom fixtures to multiple store roll-outs, we deliver quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail for leading brands like Best Buy, Sony, The Home Depot, Anderson Windows, Target Corp., Under Armour and Whole Foods Market. We provide full-service design, 3D rendering, engineering, manufacturing, project management, logistics and installation solutions.

Phil Lenger

Phil Lenger is the President of Show+Tell in New York.

Phil Lenger is experienced in digital displays, Environmental Design, Experience Design, digital sign content and an operations consultant.

Specializing in digital signs since 1989, Show+Tell is a leading partner for companies building successful, engaging, and entertaining digital signs and sign networks.

Phil Lenger is the President of Show+Tell in New York
New York


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