D|G Studios

Veronica Sepulveda

Veronica Sepulveda is a Senior Associate Senior Project Designer at DG Studios, a Houston based firm that specializes in Environmental Graphics, Exhibit Design and Identity Development programs for 30 years.

Veronica Sepulveda is a detail-driven project manager who remains focused on what is best for her clients and their needs to communicate in the built environment.

Veronica Sepulveda
D/G Studios

Michael Glatting

Michael Glatting is a Senior Project Designer at D|G Studios, a multi-disciplined design firm that bring a combination of talent, imagination and practicality to every job. We create programs that engage and educate audiences while extending our clients’ brands and optimizing the visitor’s experience.

Michael Glatting, D|G Studios
D/G Studios
Washington D.C.

D|G Studios, Inc.

D|G Studios, Inc. is a Graphic Design firm with extensive experience providing comprehensive Signage/Wayfinding and Exhibit/Interpretative Design services.  Headquartered in Houston, D|G also has an office in Alexandria, Virginia. D|G provides integrated, multi-disciplined Graphic Design services that allow our clients to communicate within the built environment. We create systems that make our world more accessible and understandable and connect people to the built environment.

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