Design Thinking

Lisa Mastroserio

Lisa Mastroserio is a Recent Graduate of Parsons New School of Design and a Freelance Design Strategist in the Greater New York City Area.

Lisa Mastroserio is a design thinker driven to carry out concepts to beautiful visual works. Through design we are able to create a communities brands are proud of and consumers want to be a part of. Lisa Mastroserio is a skilled communicator and adaptable team player, who enjoys working in collaborative environments.

Lisa Mastroserio is a Recent Graduate of Parsons New School of Design and a Freelance Design Strategist in the Greater New York City Area.
Parsons the New School for Design
Greater New York City Area

Siggi Bachmann

An innovation catalyst, designer, and electrical engineer Siggi Bachmann possesses a deep passion for fostering creativity in teams. He applies his insights about the creative process to drive powerful co-creative team sessions which yield innovative solutions. With over 10 years as a Creative Director Mr. Bachmann mentors and leads design thinking sessions both professionally and in volunteer capacity.

Siggi Bachmann
New World Symphony

Keven Smith

Keven Smith is looking for new design challenges. He is a Designer with 15+ years experience in marketing, branding, product development and packaging design. Keven recently received his second bachelor’s degree, a Bachelor in Science in Applied Design; which focuses on experience design, human centered design and design thinking. Keven is currently an Art Director with Wizards of the Coast where he designed for several pop culture titles.

Keven Smith
Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Mies Hora

Mies Hora has had a long, multi-disciplinary career in the design field, where his decades of experience include corporate identity, branding, positioning, advertising, web design, publications and print media, mobile device applications, product and interface design, environmental graphics, wayfinding and videography/photography for a wide variety of clients.

Mies Hora
Ultimate Symbol Inc.
Stony Point, NY

Juliette Fritsch

Dr. Juliette Fritsch, MA (hons), MA, PhD, FRSA

Dr. Juliette Fritsch is a museum and historic environment learning profession with more than 10 years in the field working for complex, high-profile organizations. Currently she is directing education and interpretation strategy, embedded though the Peabody Essex Museum, working closely with curators, designers and artists to deliver exciting, beautiful, informative and imaginative galleries and associated education programs.

Juliette Fritsch, Chief of Education and Interpretation, Peabody Essex Museum
Peabody Essex Museum
Salem, MA


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