Design Intent Documentation

Daniel Starr

Daniel Starr has always been driven to engage challenges and solve problems through critical and creative processes. Starr has a strong understanding of how great ideas can have impact through focused process management. Growing up in an architecture and construction based household, then focusing his education on art and business, nourished a strong balance of right and left brain thinking. This has helped Daniel Starr develop a unique perspective and ability to take projects from concept to fruition.

Daniel Starr
NYU Langone Medical Center
Greater New York City Area

Jake Andrews

Jake Andrews is a senior experience designer at Jack Porter, an experiential design firm based in Greenville, SC.

The Jack Porter team works to integrate design, storytelling, and technology to transform spaces into experiences that engage and inspire.

Jake Andrews
Jack Porter
Greenville, South Carolina

Jessica Kramer

Jessica Kramer is an Environmental Graphic Designer and Landscape Architect, with over 20 years of design, marketing, communications and identity/branding experience. As both an environmental graphic designer and landscape architect, Jessica brings a unique perspective to projects. Jessica Kramer's philosophy towards any design project is to truly try to understand how a user will interact within an environment or through a communications piece.

Jessica Kramer
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

Vincent Bong

Vincent Bong is an Industrial Designer at Endpoint in Dubai. 

The marrying of different design materials and finishes such as plastics, metals, vinyl, paints, lighting and color to create something that is functional and beautiful is a joyful experience for Vincent Bong. It’s something he gets to do every day.

Vincent Bong is an Industrial Designer at Endpoint in Dubai.

Stacey Coleman

Stacey Coleman is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Artistik Design in Scottsdale, AZ.

Stacey Coleman's specialties include: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, CadTools, Sketchup Environmental Design,Signage & Wayfinding, Sketching, Painting, Character Design, Typography, Page Layout, and MaquetteModeling. 

During her time with Artistik Design, Stacey also worked with Walt Disney Imagineering from 2015-2017 as a Graphic Designer. In this role, she performed the following roles:

Stacey Coleman is an Environmental Graphic Designer at Artistik Design in Scottsdale, AZ.
Artistik Design Studio
Scottsdale, AZ

2015 Podcast | Detailing 101

Podcast Keith Davis


What you will learn

Learn best practice methods for developing 2D and 3D detail drawings for design intent documentation packages!

Course presenter and expert on detailing, Keith Davis,will walk you through the fundamentals of detailing: drawing types, methodologies, notation and best practices for your documentation process.

This presentation is targeted as an introductory overview of Design Detailing best practice methods in the context of 2D and 3D Design Intent Documentation for EGD. 

Podcast | The Logical Document

SEGD Podcast | The Logical Document with Scott Souchock


What you will learn

There is a logical layout and flow to the design documentation needed for Experiential Graphic Design projects so that they can be understood and shared with all members of the implementation and project team. Drawings link to spreadsheets which link to databases. This Podcast focuses on the design formats and symbology that work best for creating complex document sets.


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