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Kevin Cherashore

Kevin Cherashore is the Owner/President of Direct Embed Coating Systems LLC and MS Signs. Kevin and Mo Ladak established MS Signs in 2008 after extensive careers in the sign industry. Their lofty goal was to improve lives and make the world a better place through sharing their skills in the development of superior companies and institutions. This translated to an approach centered on supporting the strategies of elite businesses through close relationships based on trust, education, and transparency.

Kevin Cherashore, MS Signs
MS Signs
Paterson, NJ

Eric Koslow

Eric Koslow is the Vice President of  Business Development for Direct Embed Coatings LLC, and is a pioneering developer and promoter of powder coated graphics. His vast background and expertize in powder coating, sublimation printing and decorative finishing has helped to bring Direct Embed to the forefront of the decorative coating and high resolution printing industry. Eric’s expertise and reputation has made him a sought after speaker at national coating and finishing events.

Eric Koslow
DE Powder Coated Graphics
Pompano Beach, FL

DE Powder Coated Graphics Collaborates on Art Installation at LaGuardia Airport

Sarah Sze Installation at LaGuardia Airport, Photo credit: LaGuardia Gateway Partners

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The holiday season is here! And while many of us cannot travel this year, SEGD has decided to bring two travel-themed stories to members, just in time for the holidays. The first features artist Sarah Sze’s stunning new installation inside LaGuardia’s Terminal B and the SEGD members of DE Powder Coated Graphics who helped make this showpiece a reality. Enjoy!


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