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Podcast | Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics in Asia and the Middle East

Podcast David Vanden-Eynden + Jan Lorenc + Kevin Kern


What you will learn

Korea, China, India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE: all these areas of the developing world have seen a rapid growth in modern development. With wayfinding an extension of modernity, how do traditional cultural, political and demographic issues clash with the need to form a modern infrastructure? Learn about traditional wayfinding approaches in these countries and how designers are working to translate them to the modern world.

Calori & Vanden-Eynden

Calori & Vanden Eynden (New York)’s regional sign program for the Upper Perkiomen Valley in southeastern Pennsylvania passed a crucial milestone with the production of design prototypes. Making this milestone even more terrific was the participation of students from the local career and technical high school, who learned about press brakes, metal shearing, painting, and the application of graphics. Students were responsible for the painting of sign panels and applying the vinyl graphics.

Glass Artistry

Glass Artistry

Both palette and canvas, glass is infinitely mutable and eloquently transmissive. The seduction is powerful.

It is impossible to separate glass from light. It simply does not exist without light behind, below, before, above, or through it. It is that intrinsic relationship that draws designers and artists to choose glass as their medium. And as technology continually refines manufacturing techniques and lighting options, the possibilities inherent in glass are virtually limitless.

Calori & Vanden-Eynden Design Consultants

Photograph of Mamaroneck Public Library

Calori & Vanden-Eynden Design Consultants (New York) designed a signage and graphics program for the expansion and renovation of the community library in the town of Mamaroneck, N.Y. Designed by BKSK Architects, the library expansion combines traditional materials with contemporary design. The signage and graphics follow suit, and include exterior identity signs, room and office signs, floor directories, stacks signage, and donor recognition signs.

Calori & Vanden-Eynden Design Consultants

Calori & Vanden-Eynden Design Consultants (New York) is working with Cannon Design to design a signage and graphics program for the latest addition to Nassau Community College's expanding campus in Garden City, N.Y. The new 74,000-square-foot Life Sciences building will house classrooms, laboratories, and faculty offices. The interior and exterior sign system will serve as the basis for all future signage on the campus. The project also includes three floors of large wall graphics designed in collaboration with Cannon Design.


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