David Jorritsma


Signage and wayfinding projects are harder than they should be.

Outdated tools and processes have made sign project implementation repetitive, mundane, and error-prone. And communication between project stakeholders is fragmented. Experiential graphic designers, facility managers, and sign fabricators need a better way to manage their wayfinding and signage programs.

2019 Webinar 03 | Site Planning 201



Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 2:00pm

Sign Planning 201: Raising your game!

Learn how to raise your sign planning game with  automation and collaboration. From surveying to punch listing and beyond, with SEGD Member, David Jorritsma from SignAgent.This is going to be a more advanced look at sign planning. David Jorritsma will point out the basics but focus on where there is room for improvement… automating artwork creation, collaborating with clients, message management, audit trails etc… all that to say… it isn’t a 101 intro!

David Jorritsma

Sign programming stress you out? Spending too much time coordinating sign information across different spreadsheets and design softwares? Manually creating sign artwork for every sign? Still bringing a clipboard and camera to the site?

David Jorritsma (SEGD member since 2012), experienced the pains of signage programming for himself while working in Toronto at one of Canada’s leading environmental design firms. He often thought there must be a better way. There wasn’t, so he decided to build it himself.

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