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Harriet Spear

Harriet Spear is the Principal of Harriett Spear Studio in New York.

Harriet Spear is a multi-disciplinary design consultant with 30 years experience as a graphic designer. Her career focus is in environmental graphic design, including visitor experience analysis and planning, design development and implementation, for business, architectural facilities, museums, parks and public places.

Harriet Spear's specialties include:

Harriet Spear is the Principal of Harriett Spear Studio in New York
New York

David Vanden-Eynden

2007 SEGD Fellow and 2004 Angel Award honoree

Chris Calori and David Vanden-Eynden are co-founders and principals of Calori & Vanden-Eynden (New York).

David has a broad range of signage design and management skills for a wide variety of project types. He was instrumental in developing C&VE's techniques for conceptualizing, detailing, and documenting the physical components of sign programs, and coordinates the details of large-scale signage projects.

David Vanden-Eynden, Partner, Calori and Vanden-Eynden, New York, 2007 SEGD Fellow
New York, NY

CVEDesign Joins Entro

CVE Entro logo

CVEDesign bolsters the Entro portfolio and legacy with their intricate knowledge, exceptional team and body of work spanning over 35 years. CVEDesign Founding Principals David Vanden-Eynden and Chris Calori will join the Entro leadership team and continue as principals in the New York office.

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