Honor Award
CompUSA, Apple Computer, marchFirst (formerly US Web/CKS), Eight Inc.

Apple approached both USWeb/CKS and Eight Inc. to develop a unique environment within the CompUSA San Francisco store. Apple had two challenges: the first was to create a highly visible space that encouraged the customer to experience Apple products in a non-retail environment. The interior architecture and fixtures drew from new store-in-store components and Apple event vocabulary. The brand was expressed in a very simple yet confident manner, blending genius banners and related manifesto; product packaging and the new rendered logo. The second challenge was the schedule.

marchFirst (formerly US Web/CKS), Eight Inc.

Apple Retail Store

Honor Award
Apple Retail Store, Apple Computer

Designed to bring to computer shopping the ease of use associated with the Macintosh, Apple retail stores bring the Apple brand into a new arena. Wall graphics, typically four feet high by twenty feet wide, present overarching messages that change seasonally and relate to individual sections of the store. Quick-read diagrams illustrate the basics and lead the consumer to demo tapes running on in-store computers. Graphics in the Kids section appeal to both children and their parents and focus on education, one of Apple's strongest consumer bases.

Apple Computer
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