Craig Vogel

SEGD Well: Supporting the Healing Mission

How can design, and specifically EGD, support and enhance the healing mission in today’s complex healthcare environments?

SEGD Well: Healthcare Innovations Workshop, held last week in Cincinnati, set out to find the answers to that question.

So what are the answers? Well, you kind of had to be there. But we’re willing to share a peek at what you missed.

Clue: It’s much bigger than wayfinding or mobile apps.

Craig Vogel

Craig Vogel, director of the Center of Design, Research and Innovation at the University of Cincinnati, is the “teacher’s teacher” in the eyes of employers across the nation. While giving top marks to UC’s design programs, these employers also singled out Craig on a short list of America’s best design professors – all in recognition of his teaching, writing and international consulting regarding how to make perfect products.

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Cincinnati, OH
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