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LinkNYC – a Step Toward Smart Cities?


Ever wonder what will happen to all those obsolete public pay-phone booths littering the urban streetscape? In New York, they’re being replaced by super-kiosks that are not only Wi-Fi hotspots, but platforms that will help people navigate the city, find services, and discover new destinations. It’s a model you may see popping up in a city near you, and a step toward the idea of connected Smart Cities.

Mike Clare

Mike Clare received his higher education at RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design) in Providence, Rhode Island from 2006 - 2010. He also took courses at nearby Brown University. Mike designed consumer products and packaging for FRED as an internship, was a studio assistant for Toots Zynsky and completed a project design internship at Tellart working on group and individual design and interactive technology projects including augmented reality, RFID, Flash, Illustrator and video technologies, all while finishing his education at RISD.

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New York City

Paul McConnell: Non-conscious Interfaces

Paul McConnell: Non-conscious Interfaces

Innovating Customer Experience at Control Group

Paul McConnell is Director of Product Design for New York City-based Control Group, one of the design and technology firms leading digital experience development today. At Xlab 2014, he’ll talk about how new embedded interfaces are improving environments and brand experiences by making them more responsive—and less distracting—to natural human behavior.

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