Lakota Sky

Lakota Skye is a national graphic installation company. From environmental graphics and architectural elements to banners and window clings, we are your one-stop solution for all graphic installation needs. Lakota Skye proudly partners with some of the best designers, architects, event managers, signage and printing companies in the nation. We guarantee a professional and well organized installation experience. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Danielle Forte

Danielle holds a Master of Science in Museum and Field Studies, from CU Boulder, as well a Bachelor of Fine Arts from her alma mater, and an Associate’s degree in Interactive Computer Design. 

With a nudge from the new post-COVID world, Danielle leaped to work 100% freelance to split her time between Colorado, USA and Wales, U.K., and to be able to thrive within and be inspired by more diverse ventures.

Danielle Forte
DForte Design
Longmont, CO

Marc Pokorny

I was born and raised in Colorado and has never found a reason to leave. As a youth I found myself collecting business cards everywhere I went. They were free for one but I enjoyed coming across new and unique applications that people have designed. I naturally took to art of all kinds as well as sports.

Marc Pokorny
Boyd Sign Systems

Marni Myers

Marni Myers has a passion for creating visibility and recognition for established brands with passion and purpose. Marni Myers is a project leader, executing CPR’s brand-focused creative, serving as the organization’s creative strategist and designer. Marni works in collaboration with key managers to showcase and elevate the brand. She Initiates creative strategy, ideation to clearly define the project and its purpose. Marni Myers oversees project management, production workflow and supervision of all vendors and design contractors.

Marni Myers has a passion for creating visibility and recognition for established brands with passion and purpose.
Colorado Public Radio

Make West

Make West is a specialized design/build firm focused on branded environments, architectural signage and creative art consulting. We take a collaborative, hands-on approach to our projects, staying connected to the work from start to finish. This careful attention to detail, combined with our thoughtful design methodology, allows us to transform everyday physical spaces into unique, experiential environments.

Rico Aragon

Rico Aragon is a Colorado native who is enthusiastic about showcasing an organization's vision and creating that first impression by helping them select a unique sign for their business. He has been a Graphic Designer specializing in the Commercial Electric Sign Industry for 12+ years, and now he is utilizing that experience to add value as a Sales Executive. Collaborating with architects, Design Firms, designers in a consultative role to create signage that speaks to the heart of their targeted audience.

Rico Aragon
Broomfield Sign Company
Broomfield, CO

Derek Friday

Derek Friday is an environmental graphic designer, based in Boulder, Colorado, and Hamburg, Germany.  His practice primarily includes immersive branding as well as signage and wayfinding elements.

Derek Friday, Finndustry
Boulder, CO

Abby Knab

Abby Knab is an Environmental Graphic Designer at ArtHouse Design, located in the Greater Denver Area. Knab is skilled in environmental, branding and package design, as well as jewelry, fashion and interior design, Abby Knab especially enjoys the challenge of thinking in 3-D. Knab views her work as leaving a multi-layered trail of breadcrumbs to engage people with their surroundings while solving problems and making lives easier.

Abby Knab
ArtHouse Design
Greater Denver, Colorado Area

Jessica Kramer

Jessica Kramer is an Environmental Graphic Designer and Landscape Architect, with over 20 years of design, marketing, communications and identity/branding experience. As both an environmental graphic designer and landscape architect, Jessica brings a unique perspective to projects. Jessica Kramer's philosophy towards any design project is to truly try to understand how a user will interact within an environment or through a communications piece.

Jessica Kramer
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado


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