Based in Virginia, Color-Ad, Inc. is a national company specializing in providing visual communication solutions through signs and exhibits. We are a full service turnkey operation producing a wide range of visual communication products to an even wider range of end users and industries.

S.K. Rao

S.K. Rao has been in the global visual communications industry for more than 25 years. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and has post-graduate education in several areas including project management, business development leadership, team building, marketing, problem solving and customer enthusiasm. 

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Washington, DC

Podcast | Budgeting for EGD: The Fabrication Perspective

Budgeting for EGD the Fabricator Perspective_SK Rao for SEGD


What you will learn

Ever wondered how fabricators are able to make the magic happen in keeping costs down while maintaining your design intent? It's all about asking the right questions and making effective decisions in the design process. S.K. Rao, Vice-President at Color-Ad shares his insights and knowledge that will make your project better while getting costs inline.


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