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Sharmi Patel

Sharmi Patel is an Associate Creative Director at Two Twelve, New York.

She has been with Two Twelve since 2010. She joined as a senior designer and was promoted to Associate Creative Director in 2015. Before joining Two Twelve Sharmi Patel was at Merje and worked as an adjunct professor at Drexel University, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design.

Sharmi Patel, Associate Creative Director, two twelve, New York
Two Twelve
New York

Bill Thiemann

Bill Thiemann is the Managing Director, Creative Services at Kolar Design

He is a branding and marketing communications expert with diverse CPG, service brands and agency experience. Bill Thiemann has a proven track record of building enduring, trust-based client relationships which result in consistent business growth.

Bill Thiemann, Managing Director, Creative Services at Kolar Design
Kolar Design
Cincinnati, OH

Faith Berry-Parent

Award winning and endlessly curious and collaborative designer, researcher, and project manager with 15+ years in experience design. Love for conceptual, fast-paced and intricate work. Passion for cross-disciplinary inspiration, STE(A)M and building a unique and meaningful design narrative through research.

Recent clients include Allen Institute for Brain Science, Nintendo, University of Washington, Weyerhaeuser, Stanford University, Seattle Children's, Swedish Hospital, LUUM, Cascade Bicycle Club, and various residential and mixed-use building projects.

Faith Berry-Parent
Studio SC

4 Powerful Benefits of Combining GPS Tracking and Digital Signage in the Transportation Industry

GPS continues to play a prominent role in innovative digital signage, and can help the transportation industry deliver a stronger customer experience.

Waltzing Matilda Centre

Waltzing Matilda Centre

Read Time: 1 minute

Winton, Australia lies 1,356km north-west of Brisbane, surrounded by Matilda country. According to the Australian Traveller it is the dinosaur capital of Australia; paleontologists from around the world flock to the harsh and unforgiving outback to discover dinosaur bones.

Winton is also the birth place of the famous Australian bush ballad, “Waltzing Matilda.” Banjo Paterson wrote the lyrics to the legendary song nearby at Dagworth Station in 1895. It was first performed at Winton’s North Gregory Hotel the same year.

Fort Needham Memorial Park

Finalist 2018
Fort Needham Memorial Park

At 9:04 am, on December 6, 1917, Halifax weathered a devastating explosion. A wartime city (equilibrium) endured a devastating explosion (disruption), is rescued and re-imagined (resolution) and rose anew (new equilibrium). From an experiential graphic design perspective, this project presented an opportunity to explore notions of the narrative.

Catalytic Development: Kickstarting Walkable Urban Places

Often placemakers and developers talk past one another. But a recent report released by the Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking puts the spotlight on a new breed of real estate developers with an attachment to place and a long-term vision who are kickstarting the creation of walkable urban places.

Brick Lane Threads

Merit Award 2018
Brick Lane Threads

As a first step in establishing a wayfinding strategy to support smaller destinations across town centers, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets wanted to develop a high-level wayfinding strategy for Brick Lane and identify a series of characterful, creative and distinctive interventions to increase footfall and aid discovery and exploration.


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